Cancer – the real cause and how to help somebody

IAS Freedom Medal winner in 2003 (the same award that Tom Cruise got in 2004) Wendy Honnor has this sussed thanks to Scientology. Apparently. Here is the Scientology advice she posted on Facebook (screenshot follows):

If you know somebody who has cancer, even if they are dying and have days to live, you can save their life and have them well again. The true underlying cause of cancer is spiritual. Ask me how. I can easily show you what you need to do to save them. The answer is not heavy drugs – it is found in the area of the sexual relationship and family. An upset in this area can create the condition of cancer – for example an undisclosed abortion or a miscarriage that was not talked about sufficiently to enable them to heal – or an affair that was kept secret or a child given up for adoption and never acknowledged, or simply a relationship that is not sufficiently loving and the person feels upset about that, or a child who is estranged from the person with cancer and this cut communication line is troubling them. And if the person who is sick confronts this area and is able to safely talk about things they have done they are not happy about, or upsets they have had, and put these things right, then they can begin to get well. I have saved dozens and dozens of lives from cancer alone in this way. We are spirits. We are not bodies and the spirit alone can heal the body. Email me if you know somebody who needs help and I can explain to you exactly how you can help them. Love Wendy


Believing nonsense is everyone’s right. That this sort of batshit insane advice may be given to people in need of medical care, and that such advice may dissuade those people from seeking out that required care, it is extremely worrying.



3 thoughts on “Cancer – the real cause and how to help somebody

  1. Wow. Iv read a lot of LRH tech and why oh why does everything always come down to abortion. Dianetics is loaded with many many stories of AA’S. Why is that the one topic that seems to be brought up the most?

    Posted by Gabrielle | April 13, 2011, 5:03 pm
    • Could be a combination of Hubbard being adopted and him blaming his first wife for her miscarriage. You may be trying to apply logic to a subject that was never logical to begin with …

      Posted by themadhair | April 14, 2011, 2:34 pm
  2. hi im Anonymous_KG… i got a plan to bring down the (church of sciencetology) but im going to need help from the anonymous ireland & this will be highly classified information please contact me!!

    Posted by Anonymous_KG | May 13, 2011, 8:31 pm

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