When the tables get turned…

Background: Marty “Mah-tah-party” Rathbun used to hold the rank of Inspector General in the Scientology cult. He has since left the cult and, seemingly, is trying to start his own. Practicing Scientology outside of the cult is a big no-no, and such people are called ‘squirrels’. Because they ‘squirrel’ the Scientology technology. Don’t get it? You are not the only one.

When Marty was in he was part of the Scientology dirty-tricks brigade. Even though this video features Scientology cultists trying to harass someone, it is hard to feel much sympathy given that the someone (i.e. Marty) is only getting a taste of what he himself did while still in Scientology.

Same event but this time from the Squirrel Buster side:



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