Former Narconon Patient Talks About Treatment Practices

OKLAHOMA CITY – As the investigation into a Scientology-run drug treatment center continues more people who attended the center are coming forward.
Three people have died at the facility in the past nine months, the most recent last week.

The OSBI has now turned the results of its investigation into the recent death over to the District attorney in Pittsburg County. This, as News 9 is learning more about exactly what happens inside the facility.

“It was a way to get you kind of weak and vulnerable and trust whatever they’re telling you,” said a former patient who asked not to be identified.

She checked into the Narconon drug rehab facility about a year ago and was there at the same time as Gabriel Graves, who died in October after she left. The medical examiner could not determine a cause of his death.

“He was very excited about getting home to his family. When I heard that he died it shocked me,” said the woman.

The woman says patients at the center would first go through detox, then a course written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.



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