Who are we?

Dublin Offlines is organised by ex-members of the Scientology organisation, Independent Scientologists*, critics of the Scientology organisation and family members of those who have been affected by the Scientology organisation.

* Independent Scientologists are Scientologists who practice Scientology outside of the Scientology organisation.


No matter where in the world the Scientology organisation has had a presence, a trail of broken families and financial ruin has never been far behind. Ireland, through the Dublin branch of the Scientology organisation, has experienced the same examples of pressure selling and the same pressure on members to disconnect from loved ones.

This conference will share these stories – from both the international perspective as well as accounts specific to Ireland – that speak to the harm caused by the Scientology organisation. Those involved in the conference, including those who continue to hold to the Scientology beliefs and teachings, have chosen to participate based upon a common desire to warn both the public and the media about this dangerous and abusive organisation.


The conference will feature testimony from ex-members of the Scientology organisation, both from abroad and from Ireland, describing their experiences within the organisation. Between them the speakers have over a century of experiences to share. Testimony from family members who have been disconnected from their loved ones will also feature.

This will also be the first time that Irish ex-members and Irish family members have collaborated to collectively share their experiences to an Irish audience.


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